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Zombie Repellant Soap for Men

A soap formulated to confound the walking dead by camouflaging the human scent.Be prepared to reorder before the apocalypse and prevent zombie infestation  Essential oils of spruce, fir, juniper, and birch.

$7 for a 4oz bar
The "Camus-flage" soap
Bamboo Forest
Specialty Soaps
Our specialty soaps are uniquely blended for purpose and fun.

Whether wanting to cool off on a hot summer day, camouflage your human scent on a hike, or repell brain eating zombie...we have the perfect soap!

For more information, please call 971-263-2209 or contact us:
Experience an existential immersion into the forest, surrounded by the scents of spruce, fir, juniper, pine birch and oak moss. A great soap for the outdoor enthusiasts or for dreamers of great adventures.  Men particularly enjoy the subtle scent.
$6 for 4oz bar
The clean fragrance of fresh bamboo after a tropical shower. A beautiful, hand painted soap that shimmers. Beautiful to behold; presenting a relaxing and pleasing aroma to the nose. Glycerine based aloe rich soap. 
$6 for 4.0 to 4.5oz beautifully molded bar
Good Life Pumice Bar
This soap has a fresh lime and lemongrass fragrance with cedar undertones.  The essential oils make this soap pleasant for the nose, and cleansing for the skin.  Finely gound up pumice exfoliates and helps remove grime, dirt, oils and dry skin. Ideal for the whole family when just washing hands is not enough to get them clean!
$6 for 4.0oz bar
Cool Peppermint 
Eucalyptus Rocks!
Doubly scented with pure peppermint essential oil for those that enjoy the unadulterated mint scent and the cooling properties of one of the most enjoyed herbs.  Glycerine and aloe rich soap
$6 for a 4.0 - 4.5 molded bar
Ahhh ... enjoy the pure scent of eucalyptus.  Crisp, clean, refreshing.  the nasal passages open as aromatic vapors are released as hot water and the eucalyptus bar begin their dance.  Glycenrine and aloe rich bar.
$6 for a4.5 - 5.0oz bar
For outdoor enthusiasts...
Zombie Repellant Soap for Women
A marbled soap formulated to confuse and repel the walking dead.  Calm their senses with Rosemary and Lavender essential oils as the fragrance wafts through the air as you pass by... 
$7 for a 4oz bar