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N & N Garden Farm
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Herbal Soaps
Soaps made with herbs grown in our farm, selected for their legendary and medical uses.
Goat's milk soaps and shea butter enriched soaps
Exotic Soaps
N & N Garden Farm Products
We take pride in our handcrafted quality products. All of the products we offer are unique.  They are made with care, in harmony with our environment and desire for simplicity, aesthetic and restoration of soul and spirit.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:

Our most popular soaps.  Goat's milk is known for nourishing properties as is Shea Butter  
Soaps with exotic ingredients and essential oils from all over the world.  Luxuriate yourself in sandalwood, frankinsence and myrrh...bergamot....
Specialty and Seasonal Soaps
Zombie Repellent soaps, outdoor soaps, special themes and surprises!
Yarn, Wool, Fleeces and Felting Fiber
Pet soaps and Fun Soaps
Our yarns and fiber are hand- dyed or natural in color.  We have 100% wool or blends with silk, alpaca, qiviut and other types of wool from Romney to BFLs.
Our doggie soaps and shampoo are made with 100% olive oil base and with flea repellant essential oils - approved by Hoku, Ikaika and Pippin (our puppies).
Handmade with quality ingredients and
with a small footprint....

FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska with orders of $50.00 or more.  We ship on Tuesday and Friday.  Our philosophy is to conserve, sustain, restore and minimize our carbon footprint.  If you have a "soap or wool emergency", please contact us.  For orders under $50, please add the appropriate shipping to your cart.  See instructions on the Store Tab.