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N & N Garden Farm
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Farm Denizens
N & N Garden Farm Life
This page is...

...for those who have a few potted herbs on their window sill
...for those who enjoy the smell of fresh earth after the rain
...for those that yearn a simpler life
...for those who are curious about the world around them
​...for realists
...for dreamers

We would like to share the experiences of our little Garden Farm 
How to wash a wool cap?  What to do with all those tomatoes? How to dry herbs?  And other little things we learned along the way
Meet the rest of our farm animals and find out how they contribute to our sustainable Garden Farm
Stories and Tales
Short stories, letters, anecdotes and amazing tales
Garden Farming
Photo Gallery
Gardening, growing, planting, pruning

This page is being built....stay tuned