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N & N Garden Farm
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Sandalwood, Frankinsence and Myrrh
This luxurious and long lasting soap, enriched with Shea butter, infused with essential oils of Sandalwood from Australia, Frankincense and Myrrh from Kenya with ground Frankincese and Myrrh tears and powdered Indian Sandalwood.
$12 for a 4 to 4.5 oz bar
Spicy Buccaneer Bar
Spicy Buccaneer Shaving Soap
N & N Garden Farm 
What makes soaps special? 

We make our soaps with natural oils. Our traditional process of soapmaking retain the natural moisturizing properties these oils contain. 

We then add essential oils which embody various enhancing properties to make every time you wash your hands or bathe a delightful and pleasant experience.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! Made with Jamaican Rum, spices and essentials oils of bay, sweet orange and cinnamon.  This soap works up to a lovely lather with a scent reminiscent of the islands nestled in azure seas with high adventures just beyond the horizon.  
$6 for a 4 oz bar
CURRENTLY SOLD OUT! Arrgh!  A little treasure chest where 2 cubes of shaving soap are hidden.  Fragrant hints of bay, cinnamon and sweet orange, with a touch of sandalwood, this soap work up to a lovely leather that caresses the face.  
Chest with 2 cubes $10.00
SOLD OUT! Perfect for Patchouli lovers!  Great complexion and an overall body bar.  The scent is balanced and aloe adds additional moisturizing properties.
$6 for 4oz bar
Cinnamon Twist
Green Tea Zen
A lovely cinnamon colored soap, spicy fragrance blend of essential oils of cinnamon, allspice, clove, rosemary with a twist of sweet orange.
$6  for 4oz bar
Made with Green Tea, French Pink, essential oils of juniper, sage, bergamot and thyme.  A complex complexion soap, beautifully molded.
$6 for a 4 oz bar.

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